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Zakopane Winter Capital of Poland

The reasonable Zakopane tours starting from Krakow, all day tours and few additional suggestions which are possible to do in one day.

Zakopane is a very peculiar place. You need a good guide to discover the specifics of the winter capital of Poland. It is worth to see this place not only in winter but also in summer and autumn, because of its colors. We have tours in every language.

Private guided trip to Zakopane in your chosen language, speaking Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and so on…

»reservation: info@krakowtourguide.info

Attention! Remember this emergency number in mountains! 0048 601 100 300 Can save your live, if you decide to go higher in the mountain and not only. Take warm clothes and good, comfortable shoes because the weather in the Tatra mountains can change within an hour!

The trip includes / does not include:

»Private transport includes.
»Guide who speaks the language of your choice.
»Visiting objects related to local architecture.
»Visit a local sculptor, if possible.
»Sleigh rides in the winter season [*on request]
»Testing local cheeses – mandatory and home-made local cheese workshop and high-percentage alcohols.
»Admission tickets paid on the spot by you.
»Trip by mountain rail to “Gubalowka” mount – we buy tickets on the spot. (40 PLN)
»The cableway to “Kasprowy” mount has to be booked in advance to avoid queues. (200 PLN)
»Lunch at a local restaurant with panorama view of the Tatra Mountains is not included.
»There will be time to buy local products 🙂

1 option:

Day Trip with Thermal Baths from Krakow to Zakopane:

1. Early Morning (7:00 AM): Departure from Krakow
   – Start your day early to make the most of your trip.
   – Consider taking a private tour transportation to Zakopane.
   – I will organise a Breakfast Boxes. If clients wish.
   – Driving through Chochołów Wooden village.
   – Explore the Chochołów village, known for its well-preserved unique wooden architecture.
   – Visit the Wooden house on a farm in Chochołów village. Ticket: 10PLN, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Morning (9:00-10:00 AM): Arrival in Zakopane
   – Begin your day at Gubałówka Mount. Ticket: 40 PLN We take the cable car to Gubałówka for breathtaking panoramic views of the Tatra Mountains or Kasprowy Mount *on request. Tickets 140PLN or 200PLN*if we want to have a reservation at a specific hour.** ticket’s price depends on the season and Polish holidays.

   – Explore the summit, enjoy local crafts, and maybe try the regional Oscypek cheese for a second breakfast 🙂

3. Late Morning (11:00 AM):
– Krupówki Street, the main pedestrian zone, to explore local shops and cafes.
– Visit the Zakopane Tatra Museum to learn about the unique architecture and traditions* on request. Tickets:20PLN/10PLN
– visiting: 19th century churches, antique cemeteries in their characteristic mountaineer style, Hasior Gallery, ticket 16PLN, Wooden church on Krzeptówki, Jaszczurowka and many other interesting places and objects to visit.

4. Lunch (2:00 PM): Local Cuisine
– Head to a traditional highland restaurant like e.x. “Karczma Bacówka” for a taste of local dishes like Kwaśnica soup, mushroom soup, Moskole, many types of meat, including mutton and lamb and “OSCYPEK’ cheese ofcourse.

5. Late Afternoon (5:30 PM): Thermal Baths in Chochołów** Hot and cold Baths – Spa
– Drive to Chochołów to visit Termy Chochołowskie thermal baths.
– Relax in the thermal pools with views of the Tatras. (the best in Zakopane)

7. Departure to Krakow and late return to Krakow**

**Note:** This itinerary is just a suggestion, and actual times may vary based on personal preferences and the time of year. Ensure to check the opening hours of attractions and plan accordingly.

I came up with the most optimal sightseeing, after the last trip to Zakopane. We visit Kasprowy mount [1987 m] by cableway. We have to reserve tickets in advance. The price is from 180 PLN/45 euro p.p. The view is spectacular ! This is what should be done before going down to the town and before any other attractions! You will never forget it ! Believe me. I’ve seen many other places but this is something unforgettable… after that we drive to see unique wooden architecture of this place. Local carpenters make wonderful works of wood. We will see “pearls” of architecture from 100 years ago and more… Then we go to visit the most known points in Zakopane. Shopping and tasting of local goods at the end :). Ski Jumps. Old town Zakopane. Krupowki – the main street. Lunch in the restaurant with spectacular view!

2 option:

»Zakopane is located 100 km [62 miles] from Krakow [about 2h drive, depending on traffic] I advise to leave Krakow about 8.00/9.00 from your accommodation place in Krakow with guide in your chosen language and an assistance of English speaking driver.
»On our way to Zakopane, we will stop in famous Chocholow village to see the making process of delicious smoked cheese [will be possible to taste and buy cheese] and tasting of vodka made of plums for these brave. Village is known of sculptors and wooden houses from 19th century, unique in their mountaineer style …

»Gubalowka Mount [1126 m] funicular ticket 40 PLN / ~10$/Euro] where you will experience a stunning panoramic view of Poland’s highest peaks.

»Ski jumps. Where our World Champion Adam Malysz won several times and gave unforgettable emotions and memories to the Poles. :). Every year – in January –  World competition in ski jumping.

»A walk through an Old Zakopane, visiting: 19th century churches, antique cemeteries in their characteristic mountaineer style, ‘Koliba’ villa [22/11 PLN] Pope John Paul II Sanctuary on Krupowki, Jaszczurowka and many other interesting places and objects to visit.

»Lunch in a traditional mountaineer inn / restaurant [lunch is not included]
»A walk through Krupowki – The main shopping street of Zakopane – and time for shopping, which you simply cannot miss! For ex.: oscypki [smoked ewe’s milk cheese made in the Tatra Mountains], honey, kierpce [highlander’s shoes], sheepskin coats, leather and many, many others…
and … return to Krakow

3 option: Additional attractions:

  • Termy Chochołowskie – Hot and cold pools. Just Relax at the end of the tour!
  • Termy Gorący Potok – Hot Stream Terms. The healing sources. Extreme Relax. I have spent New Years Eve there 😉 It was wonderful !
  • Termy Szaflary – with the Mountain view !

The most popular shelter in the Tatra Mountains is in Morskie Oko.

It is located on a phenomenal lake in which Mięguszowieckie peaks view. Morskie Oko Lake has the reputation of being one of the most beautiful places of this type in the world. The Shore of “Rybi Staw” [shore of “The Fish Pond”] [that is Morskie Oko] is located 14 km in a straight line to Zakopane. It fills the bottom of a glacial rock bowl 50.8 meters deep. The water mirror is located at an altitude of 1395 m a.s.l. and covers an area of ?? almost 35 hectares! The water in the lake has a wonderful green color, In beautiful weather. Its transparency is up to 14 meters . Trouts of natural origin swim there, and grayling and brown sea trout have also recently arrived.

Recommendable musical meetings.

Every year in the autumn at the Górski Hotel on Kalatówki, incredible Jazz meetings on Kalatówki take place. Its inseparable element is the joint music-making of jazz musicians with highlanders. Zbigniew Namysłaowski and the famous Nigel Kennedy play there with them.

As for restaurants, I decided to write about those that I know well and in which I attend because of good, fresh cuisine, nice service and because of the decor.

We go to the restaurant / Forester’s restaurant “U Zięby” for Sunday dinner combined with a lazy walk in the Chochołowska Valley, Of course. The Nosalowy Dwor near the Nosal mountain serves delicious tartare. Right next, the Balzera Street no 17e charming tavern is situated “U Rysia” [Mr Richard’s tavern]. It is better not to ask for french fries, because it is an insult to the excellent home cooking served there. Savoir-vivre rules long forgotten at the other restaurants also apply there. And finally, the best recommendation for this place are guests themselves, mostly locals. Who are also attracted by a decent price of meals.

Tatra National Park – multiple routes in scenic area.

Tatra National Park was established on October 30, 1954. Located at the southern end of Malopolska (eng. Lesser Poland) region, it is one of the largest national parks in Poland. About 70% of the Park is covered by forests and mountain pine scrub, and the remaining 30% are alpine grasslands. The natural uniqueness of Tatras is especially emphasized by presence of endemic and sub endemic species of plants and animals. Among the mountain plants, 200 can be seen only in Tatra National Park.

Why the Tatra National Park is worth visiting:

  • breathtaking, wonderful scenic areas
  • 275 kilometers of marked hiking trails
  • multiple picturesque skiing trails
  • variety of trails available for many kinds of biking activities
  • excellent places to watch animals (eg. birdwatching)

The best trails to start with, after we visit Zakopane, which I offer you to visit with me (the easiest and the most beautiful):

  • Strążyńska Valley with its surroundings,
  • Chochołowska Valley with its surroundings,
  • Kościeliska Valley with its surroundings.

Strążyńska Valley – a trip with a private guide.
Route: Dolina Białego (White Stream Valley) + Sarnia Skała (Deer’s Rock) + Dolina Strążyńska (Strążyńska Valley)

Distance: around 7 kilometers
Time duration: 3h
The highest peak: Sarnia Skała (Deer’s Rock) 1376 m. above sea level.

We start from the White Stream Valley – one of the most picturesque valleys in Tatra Mountains. It impresses with the variety of rock formations (dolomites and limestones) which – combined with lush vegetation and the White Stream flowing around the rocks – create an amazing, breathtaking landscape. The first part of the trail leads along the stream rich in numerous fanciful cascades and erosion forms. Crossing the Red Pass, we head to the Deer’s Rock that offers us a really stunning view on Giewont Mt., Czerwone Wierchy, and the western part of the Tatra Mountains. Descending from the Deer’s Rock, we enter Strążyńska Valley, no less marvellous than the other parts of the route.

Chochołowska Valley – a trip with a private guide.
Route: Siwa Polana (Grey Clearing) + Hucisko + Dolina Dudowa (Bagpipe Valley)

Distance: 7,3 kilometers
Time duration: 2h30mins
Highest peak: Mountain shelter in Polana Chochołowska (Chochołowska Clearing) situated 1148 m. above sea level

Chochołowska Valley is famous not only for its unique calm atmosphere. Richness of plants results in truly extraordinary variety of colors – especially during spring time when all the valley covers with beautiful violet crocuses. It is also known for incredible mountain formations called the bagpipes in the Bagpipe Valley. What’s more, this is the only place in the Tatra National Park where dogs are allowed. Perfect for hiking, sunbathing, cycling, accessible for everyone. It gives you the opportunity to see the sheep grazing and shearing, as well as to taste and buy local food products made by the highlanders who live in the valley.

Kościeliska Valley – a trip with a private guide.

Distance: 5,5 kilometers
Time duration: 1h40mins
Highest peak: 1118 m. above sea level

Kościeliska Valley is called the most beautiful valley in the Tatra National Park. I recommend visiting it with me in the summer and autumn when the trees are covered with wide range of colors, and the sun plays wonderfully in between the branches. The view is more than epic. Apart from that, you can also visit the caves which are situated along the way. The most known are: Dragon’s Den, Water Den, Raptawicka, Mylna (Confusing Den), and more. The most picturesque part of Kościeliska Valley is a clearing called Polana Pisana.

Private guided trip to Zakopane in your chosen language, speaking Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and so on…

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