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Visit Warsaw with licensed tour guide to Warsaw which speaks: 

English, Hebrew, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and other.

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The packages:

1.WARSAW TREASURES – BASIC – 1200 pln Up to 4h; foot tour; +entrances. This foot tour is dedicated for those who visit Warsaw for the first time. In other words it’s an opportunity to discover the most popular must-see places: the Old Town with the Royal Castle, and the Royal Route (with the Presidential Palace (outside), the Tomb of Unknown Soldier and Holy Cross church with Chopin’s heart buried in the pillar). In the price: a guide for the whole tour. Extra cost to the tour price: entrance to the Royal Castle.

2.WARSAW TREASURES – SILVER 2600 pln Up to 8h; car tour +entrances. Warsaw treasure basic + Łazienki Park and one place to choose: Wilanow Palace, the viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Prague district. In the price: a guide and a car with a driver – for the whole tour. Extra cost to the tour price: entries to the Royal Castle and to the selected attraction, lunch.

3.WARSAW TREASURES – GOLDEN 4800 pln up to 8h; car tour + entrances. 2-days car tour with visiting Warsaw top-7 places: the Old Town, the Royal Route, Wilanow Palace, Łazienki Park, viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture, Warsaw Uprising Museum and Prague district. In the price: guide and a car with a driver for the whole tour. Extra cost to the tour price: entrances, audio-guide in Warsaw Uprising Museum, lunches.

4.REBORN WARSAW – BASIC 1200 pln Up to 4h; foot tour; + entrances. This tour shows the enormous changes that took place in the city after the WWII. Warsaw was 85% destroyed, yet it was rebuilt and became a beautiful metropolis. During the tour you will see the city center – surroundings of the Palace of Culture and the Old Town with the Heritage Interpretation Center. In the price: a guide for the whole tour. Extra cost to the tour price: entries to the the Heritage Interpretation Center and the viewing terrace in the Palace of Culture.

5.REBORN WARSAW – EXTENDED 2600 pln Up to 8h; car tour +entrances. Reborn Warsaw basic + to choose: the Warsaw Uprising Museum with the modern European sq. and the post-industrial Warsaw Brewery complex or the Praga district with the post-industrial Koneser and the Polish Vodka Museum tour In the price: a guide and a car with a driver for the whole tour Extra cost to the tour price: entries to the Heritage Interpretation Center, the viewing terrace in the Palace of Culture and selected attraction; lunch.

6.CHOPIN TOUR – BASIC 1200 pln Up to 4h; foot tour; +entrances. Warsaw is a place where a star was born – Fryderyk Chopin, a great wonder-child. During the tour you will see places connected with his first public performance, first dates, his homes and schools – all of them in Polish capital: Saski Garden and Krakowskie Przedmiescie St with from outside – Visitation Church, Warsaw University, St. Cross Church. In the price: a guide for the whole tour.

7.CHOPIN TOUR – extended 2600 pln Up to 8h; car tour +entrances. Chopin tour basic + Łazienki Park and Chopin museum. In the price: a guide and a car with a driver for the whole tour. Extra cost to the tour price: entry to the Chopin museum; lunch.

TOURS PRICES: Name of the tour Price – up to 2 people.

1 option: Standard Warsaw tour – ask about price for your group 

  • Visit Warsaw’s Royal Castle (The Warsaw castle visit on request*)
  • Tickets: 50/40 PLN.
  • Castle square with Sigismund King’s Column
  • st. John Cathedral (possibility visit inside)
  • Presidential Palace
  • Warsaw Uprising monument
  • Tomb of unknown Soldier
  • City walls (city defensive walls)
  • Barbican (Warsaw Barbican)
  • Old Town Market (The Mermaid of Warsaw – a symbol of Warsaw)
  • New Town market
  • Academic church of st. Anna (possibility visit inside)
  • “Krakowskie Przedmieście”
  • Nowowiejska street
  • Visit Warsaw’s Palace of Culture & Science (on request*)
  • Visit Warsaw’s Chopin’s museum (on request*)

2 option: Visit museums in Warsaw.

  • Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • National Gallery Museum in Warsaw
  • Chopin’s Museum
  • Palace in Wilanów
  • Łazienkowski Palace
  • Kopernik Science Center
  • The Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum
  • Historical Museum of Warsaw
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum
  • Polin Museum of Polish Jews

3 option: Warsaw during WWII. Jewish Warsaw former Ghetto sightseeing. 

  • Jewish Historical Institute – the exhibition dedicated to the Emanuel Ringelblum archive (visiting as an option, should be enough for about 30 minutes to visit)
  • Umschlagplatz
  • Miła 18 – Mila street 18
  • Museum Polin, Ghetto Heroes monument and John [Jan] Karski monument – the courier and emissary of the authorities of the Polish Underground State in the rank of lieutenant, witness to the Holocaust. For his activities he was awarded the highest state decorations – the Polish Order of the White Eagle and the American Medal of Freedom. Honoured by Yad Vashem – title of Righteous Among the Nations, honorary citizen of the state of Israel.
  • Chłodna 22- Chlodna street 22 – “ kładka “ the footbridge”
  • Grzybowski Square – the church of All Saints (priest Marceli Godlewski, known for his pre-war anti-Semitic views, despite this he was involved in helping them during the Second World War. Prof. Ludwik Hirszfeld found shelter in the presbytery)
  • Synagoga Nożyków – The Nożyk Synagogue is the only surviving pre-war Jewish house of prayer in Warsaw, Poland. It was built in 1898-1902 and was restored after World War II. It is still operational and currently houses the Warsaw Jewish Commune, as well as other Jewish organizations.
  • Złota 62 – Zlota street 62 [Gold street 62] – The relics of the ghetto wall.
  • Palace of Culture and Science – Jan Korczak monument
    Palace of Culture and Science is a notable high-rise building in central Warsaw, Poland. With a total height of 237 meters (778 ft) it is the tallest building in Poland, the 5th-tallest building in the European Union (including spire) and one of the tallest on the European continent. Constructed in 1955, it houses various public and cultural institutions such as cinemas, theatres, libraries, sports clubs, university faculties and authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 2007 it has been enlisted in the Registry of Objects of Cultural Heritage.
    Motivated by Polish historical architecture and American art deco high-rise buildings, the PKiN was designed by Soviet architect Lev Rudnev in “Seven Sisters” style and is informally referred to as the Eighth Sister. The Palace was also the tallest clock tower in the world until the installation of a clock mechanism on the NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building in Tokyo, Japan.
  • about 4 hours of sightseeing (walking and transport – tram + bus)
  • additionally: Polin museum visiting with an audio-guide (about 1.5 hours). ATTENTION! The museum is closed on Tuesdays. The audio guides available in the following languages: English, Belarusian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Yiddish, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian
    The audio-guide rental: additional ticket fee – 10 PLN. You can also download a guide to your mobile phone or tablet, one of three topics to choose from: “A thousand years in an hour”, “Religious life”, ”In the footsteps of Yiddish”

4. option: A short version of “Jewish tour 2h”

  • Umschlagplatz
  • Monument to the Heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto
  • Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute
  • Nożyk Synagogue
  • Monument to Janusz Korczak
  • walls of the Warsaw ghetto

5. option: Warszawa – Treblinka – Tykocin – Łopuchowo


  • The Memorial at the location of the railway ramp (outside the camp).
  • The Exhibition about the camp.
  • The area of the extermination camp – Treblinka II extermination camp (in the canter) (symbolic entrance gate and railway ramp).
  • The Memorial to the Victims of the Treblinka Death Camp.
  • The Memorial at the place of burning the corpses.
  • The Place of labour camp – Treblinka Penal Labour Camp.
  • The visiting time: approx. 1-3h.
  • The Admission ticket: 7 PLN / person

TYKOCIN Town sightseeing: markets and church, Synagogue (sightseeing), duration: around 1h
ŁOPUCHOWO Town: The place of extermination of Tykocin Jews (The mass graves and The monuments). Approx. 20-30 min.

Routes and journey time:

  • Warsaw to Treblinka about 1.5 hours
  • Treblinka to Tykocin about 1 hour
  • Tykocin to Łopuchowo approx. 10 min.
  • Łopuchowo to Warsaw about 2 hours
  • Trip duration: approx. 11 hours (the journey, the sightseeing, the dinner)

6 option: Warsaw – In the footsteps of World War II + lunch + transfer to  Treblinka death camp – sightseeing. Full-day trip. Admission tickets included

Warsaw was completely destroyed after the 1944 uprising. The Warsaw Uprising was the largest force clash with Germany in occupied Europe. Neither before nor after nobody fought as fiercely as the people of Warsaw. FIGHTING WARSAW – that was their slogan and sign. Warsaw citizens still remember the bloody uprising and commemorate it. We will follow the traces of the Warsaw Uprising and the War. We will provide a licensed guide in the language of your choice. As sightseeing locations are scattered throughout the capital, the tour is provided by private transportation. Organized by me. We dedicate the trip to those, who are interested in World War II.


  • Bus / mini Van. Driver. Licensed tour guide.
  • We will pick you up from your hotel in Warsaw.
  • We will provide admission tickets without waiting in line.
  • Lunch. Paid separately, but we know where to eat and at a reasonable price. We are locals 🙂
  • Travel and sightseeing of the former Treblinka death camp.

Where will we go:

  • Former Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw
  • Umschlagplatz commemorating the place from where, transports of prisoners to Treblinka started.
  • The courtyard between Sienna and Zlota Streets, on which there is a fragment of the original ghetto wall
  • Monument to the Ghetto Heroes
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum [inside tour with a licensed guide. Admission tickets included].
  • The death camp in Treblinka

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