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only authentic Polish food (tour)

Only authentic Polish Food (tour) in Krakow.

Attention! In Poland, quite large portions are served 🙂 Take digestive medicines with you 🙂 We will combine Polish flavors with a tour of the different districts of Krakow. There is the largest concentration of monuments and places worth visiting, as well as excellent restaurants run by enthusiasts. The options:

1.Krakow Real Food Tour.

Main Square – The best and oldest “zapiekanki” are not in Krakow Kazimierz – Jewish quarter, but in the city center! The tiny “kiosk”, which means a small bistro in today’s language – started operating in 1980 and is still in the hands of the same owner! The casseroles are hand made there on a regular basis. They are not prepared in bulk in advance like in other places. I know because I see it when I go there to eat one of my favorites. “Standard” is my favorite: butter, lots of mushrooms and cheese (a thick layer!) and I add dried garlic that is on the table. Of course, there are other additions such as bacon, ham, chives and others if you prefer. In this tiny “kiosk” with casseroles, they also extract juices – always in the presence of the customer. There is even information about it written on a piece of paper. It’s truly amazing that a place like this still exists. This is a place on the “places with passion” trail in Krakow. Enjoy your meal 🙂

Part two. Main courses ahead!
What we will eat in a restaurant decorated in Krakow style:
Traditional Polish żurek bread is prepared in two ways: some people like it sour, others like it mild. It’s hard to say which version is better. It’s a matter of taste. I ate the best sour rye soup so far in one restaurant near the Main Market Square in Krakow. They bake their own sour rye bread there. Traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye, various types of meat: smoked bones, smoked meat, ham, fried sausage, white sausage, or ribs, and eggs, of course, served in a bread bowl.

Polish Bigos prepared from several types of meat, based on sauerkraut, forest mushrooms and red wine. We also add wild boar meat very often. There are a lot of wild boars and deer in our area.

Part three. Now it’s time for dessert! Donuts “Pączki” from Krakow, but the real ones with rose jam. There is a special recipe for making wonderful Krakow donuts. Only a few confectionery shops (4) in Krakow make traditional-style “paczki”. We will eat and try only original dishes on my trips, snacks, desserts and drinks!!!

Part four. Time to end the tour and raise a toast…!

2. Kazimierz Jewish district in Kraków.

Jewish Real Food Tour.

Berdyczowska “Berdychiv”. A warming soup with beef, honey and cinnamon.
• Jewish dumpling with garlic.
Czulent. Cholent, ciulent (Yid. טשאָלנט, cholnt) – a traditional meat and vegetable goulash dish of Jewish cuisine, type ragoût, eaten on Shabbat.
• Dessert: Pascha, Passover – a cheesecake. My favorite dessert!!!
Maczanka Krakowska: long-roasted pork neck stuffed with challah, herbs, cumin, wild garlic. served on hand-made bread.

Berdyczowska soup – how to make it?
A method of preparing:
1. Prepare the vegetable stock:
Boil carrots, parsley and potatoes (all cut into cubes) in 2 liters of salted water.
2. Cut the meat and pepper into cubes, add pepper (do not add salt at this stage), ground pepper, crushed garlic head, allspice, bay leaf, marjoram and onion cut into slices. Mix and simmer for about 2 hours on low heat until soft, add a little water or stock if necessary. At the end of frying, add salt.
3. Pour the vegetable stock into the soft meat, add honey, cinnamon and ginger. Add these ingredients in small portions, mix, taste and continue adding. It is important to maintain the border between sweet and spicy, and when using cinnamon, you should balance the amount individually, according to your taste.
Cook the finished soup over very low heat for at least 20 minutes. Serve with bread.

3. The exclusive Food Tour in Kraków city center with Anita!

4. The exclusive Food Tour in Jewish district in Kraków with Anita!

“Zalewajka” Krakow style soup with sausage, bacon, egg, potatoes, dill and horseradish.

Vodka Starka takes its name from vodka aged in an oak barrel. Legend has it that the father buried a barrel of vodka in the ground when his beloved daughter was born. Once she was a beautiful woman ready to get married, he would kick out the barrel to entertain all the wedding guests. The entire Starka production process lasts from several to even 70 years and the production tradition dates back 500 years. A unique amber color. The entire Starka production process lasts from several to even 70 years and the production tradition dates back 500 years. Starka gains its unique amber color during a natural reaction with oak wood. It is time, appropriate wood and secret ingredients added to the rye “raw” that are responsible for its noble taste.

Hevre. The corner building at the intersection of Meiselsa and Corpus Christi streets is the former Chevra Tehilim (Psalm Brotherhood) prayer house, built in 1896. There was a prayer room on the ground floor, and the gallery was intended for women. During World War II, the interior was devastated by the Nazis. In 1951, the “Krakowiacy” Song and Dance Ensemble moved into the building and operated there for over 50 years. The Hevre club has been operating there since 2016. The interior delights from the moment you enter – there are crystal chandeliers on the ceiling, and on the walls there are historic frescoes with views of Jerusalem, painted in blue and green, discovered in 2008. It is worth taking a closer look at them – on the western wall there are images of animals: a lion, a tiger, an eagle and a deer in decorative frames, on the eastern wall there is a recess of the Aron Kodesh (altar cabinet for storing Torah scrolls) surrounded by fragments of a preserved red curtain. The basement, where concerts and events are held, and the first floor with a multimedia room and space for creative work, have also been converted into a club/café. Hevre is, above all, a meeting place – you can come here with friends for dinner, work together, and dance in the evening. The drinks served by the local bartenders are famous. People now go to Hevre not for prayers, but for dancing. And for appropriate drinks. For the best drinks, it’s only there that they have bartenders from special schools. A typical night spot in Krakow. Inside, an industrial style: long rows of raw tables, a space-age bar, lamps from the disco era against the background of walls with restored frescoes from a Jewish prayer house, and techno music from the basement.

5. Winter / Christmas  Food Tour, Spring / Easter Food Tour, Summer Food Tour, Autumn Food Tour,

6. Zakopane (winter capital of Poland) Food Tour and Hot baths in the Chochołowskie thermal baths.

a Famous Krakow’s sausages from “Niebieska Nyska”(a Blue mini van) in Krakow.

Nysa – car, bus. “Nysa” passenger and delivery vehicles. Nysa broke popularity records just after World War II. Its legend became part of the automotive landscape of communist Poland. This legend continues, and a vivid example is a blue car parked at night at Grzegórzecka Street in Krakow. Sausages from “Niebieska Nyska” have a unique taste, and Nyska – a unique atmosphere.

Nysa – it was actually produced in Nysa in the Opole region – is a legendary car. Only during the first 20 years of production, 100,000 copies of this car rolled off the factory lines (literally!). Today, one of the most popular in the country is a certain Nysa in Krakow. She doesn’t move at night. This is how the legend of the Sausage from Blue Nyska was born in the catering industry.

It is a culinary symbol of this city: Sausages from Blue Nyska are recognized by all residents. The owners of the Kiełbaski z Blue Nyska food stand did not advertise anywhere. They are a duo of former taxi drivers. They learned the hard way that such a place was needed years ago. This was the era before the advent of fast food, open even 24 hours a day. When these two gentlemen started their night trips, they had a problem: there was no bar in Krakow where you could eat something warm after dark. They decided to change that and soon won over guests with their offer. Krakow’s Blue Nysa owes its fame to its customers. One recommends an unconventional bar to another.

The ingredients of the recipe for success are:
The most ordinary grate in the world
A sausage made of real meat (not off-cuts), supplied by the same producer for years.
Sausage served with a roll and mustard (or ketchup),
Food served on a paper tray with cutlery.
Orangeade in a bottle, the taste reminiscent of childhood in communist Poland.

Unusual working hours – where does the Nysa stop?
The working hours of the gastronomy van are unusual. Sausages from Blue Nyska are served from evening to night. Guests can come all year round, from Monday to Saturday, from 20.00-03.00. Since “a holy day” must be kept holy, the “premises” in Krakow are closed on Sundays and holidays.

Sausages from Nyska. What’s the price?

A place known not only in Krakow.
Not only locals know the blue Nysa. Tourists who visit Wawel, St. Mary’s Church or the Cloth Hall during the day, in the evening or at night, go to the area of the Market Hall, to the blue town of Nysa. There is no question of mass production here. Each sausage is prepared with an individual customer in mind. This customer can eat a sausage on the spot: there is a wooden bench waiting for him. Anyone who is in a hurry will take the Blue Nyska Sausages on the road, but we know that he will come here again for another one. A competitive price will also encourage the hiker to return. However, it is not only about the taste of baked Sausage from Blue Nyska, but also about the atmosphere around it. People meet here to be together, to talk, to laugh and eat something good together!


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