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Anita Poland Tour Guide info – offers the organization of trips organized deep into Poland. We visit interesting places related to the theme of an organized trip. We provide guide care throughout the entire trip. Admission tickets are provided. We organize transport. We reserve the hotel and meals. All my trips are checked personally. I organize trips for groups of friends, families, individual and for organized groups.

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Here is a list of the most populated cities in Poland: Warszawa (Warsaw) ~~1 900 000, Kraków, ~~800 000 Wrocław ~~670 000, Łódź ~~660 000, Poznań 540 000 , Gdańsk ~~490 000, Szczecin ~~390 000, Lublin ~~390 000, Bydgoszcz ~~330 000, Białystok ~~290 000, Katowice ~~~280 000, Gdynia ~~240 000, Częstochowa ~~210 000, Radom ~~200 000, Rzeszów ~~200 000, Toruń ~~200 000, … The largest cities in Poland in terms of territory: Warszawa 517,2 km2 (Warsaw), Kraków 326,9 km2, Szczecin 300,6 km2, Łódź 293,3 km2, Wrocław 292,8 km2, Zielona Góra 278,3 km2, Gdańsk 265,9 km2, Poznań 261,9 km2

GDANSKA The Amber gem in The North of Poland.

Royal Route of Gdansk:
• High Gate & Golden Gate
• Court of Fraternity of St. George
• Uphagen House
• Long Market
• Basilica of St. Mary and The Royal Chapel
• The Town Hall – tickets: 23 PLN, 16 PLN,60 PLN/family (2 adults i max.6 kids)
• Neptune’s Fountain
• Artus Court – tickets: 23 PLN, 16 PLN,60 PLN/family (2 adults i max.6 kids)
• Golden House & Red House
• Four Quarters Fountain: Kogi Quarter
• Green Gate and The Green Bridge
Duration: 4h.  The price of the tour depends on the language and of number of the participants.

Amber Route I
• Amber Museum – tickets: 32 PLN, 22 PN, 80 PLN/family (2 adults i max.6 kids)
• St. Bridget Church with the Amber Altar & Basilica of St. Mary
• Mariacka Street aka Amber Street: visiting amber galleries + time for shopping

• St Mary’s Gate & Amber Walk of Fame
• Amber Sky Ferris Wheel – 24 PLN
Duration: 3h. The price of the tour depends on the language and of number of the participants.

Amber Route II – a trip partially with transport:
• University of Gdansk: Amber Inclusions Museum
• Transport to the city center
• Amber Museum – Tickets: 32 PLN, 22 PN, 80 PLN/family  (2 adults & max.6 kids)
• St. Bridget Church with the Amber Altar
• Basilica of St. Mary
• Mariacka Street aka Amber Street: visiting amber galleries + time for shopping
• Mariacka Gate & Amber Walk of Fame
• Amber Sky Ferris Wheel – 24 PLN
Duration: 5h. The price of the tour depends on the language and of number of the participants.

Solidarity Route (4-5 hours including visiting the Solidarity Center):
• Shipyard Gate No. 2 – the very place where the shipyard workers gathered to protest; this is where “Solidarność” Solidarity” was born.

• BHP Hall (occupational health and safety room) : here the Gdansk Social Accords were signed
• Monument of the Fallen Shipyard Workers 1970 – in memory of the workers killed in 1970
• St. Bridget Church – mementos of the shipyard workers and wonderful Amer Altar
• European Solidarity Center (guided tour from the Center or audioguide (2h))
• Visiting the European Solidarity Center with the augioguide takes around 2h.
Groups 1-10 pax: 30 PLN,25 PLN, Family (2 adults i 2 children up to 19yo): 84 PLN
Groups 11-50 pax : 28 PLN,22 PLN, kid 0-7 yo free
Total duration, including the visit in the European Solidarity Center: 4-5h
The price of the tour depends on the language and of number of the participants.

After the tour: lunch in “100cznia” a complex of pubs, cafes and restaurants with industrial vibes placed in original building of the old shipyard

Visit Wroclaw with a guide.
Standard sightseeing of Wroclaw. We provide private guided tours in the language of your choice. Duration: 3 hours. You will discover the most characteristic places in the city, during the tour. Wroclaw is a unique city in Poland. It stands out among Polish cities. Wroclaw’s complicated history will become closer to you, because I know how to lead through historical complexities. Make it a journey with an adventure. We will also play a game called “Find Wroclaw Dwarfs”.

  • Old Town Hall and pillory
  • Market
  • Salt square
  • St. Elizabeth church
  • The former butcher’s street – Old stalls
  • The former prison
  • University of Wroclaw
  • The Ossolineum Institute – for books lovers
  • The historic paths
  • Covered Market (a moment for you – shopping for souvenirs and more)
  • The Sand Island and bridge
  • Tumski Bridge – “Lovers’ Bridge”
  • Cathedral (admission free up to 10 people) and other churches for those interested

All day tour with a guide: Pszczyna and Żywiec

Pszczyna – a very picturesque town situated in the South of Poland, around 2h by car from Krakow – has a lot to offer its visitors. Surrounded by the forests and situated near beautiful lakes, charms with inner beauty and tranquility. Żywiec on the other hand is more of an industrial city, famous for its traditional beer brewery, one of the oldest in Poland.

  • Morning: departure from your hotel in Krakow
  • Private transport to Pszczyna (the drive will take 1h30min/2h; depends on the traffic)
  • Arrival to Pszczyna
  • Pszczyna Castle – built in 15th century, was initially a massive square consisting of two twin buildings with towers connected by tall strong walls. This majestic fortress was surrounded by ramparts and a moat which nowadays can only be seen in the old maps. Rebuilt many times, it first turned into a two-story renaissance luxurious residence, to become later a baroque palace with three wings. Used as a summer residence, a cultural center, a military fortress, and even a hospital, the castle has a rich turbulent history. Its elegant, splendorous interiors filled with original furniture and art will make you feel as if you have crossed the doors of time and visited the past.
  • Interiors of Pszczyna Castle. The Greatest “pearl” of the castle is The Mirror Chamber which still holds concerts of classical music – Evenings at Telemann’s – named after the initiator of the musical and cultural event. It was one of the very first chambers open to public. Nowadays, we can see far more than that: The Armory (situated in original Gothic dungeons), a Cabinet of Miniatures (with elegant small portraits), Poniatowski Chamber, Portrait Gallery (where we will see all past counts and princes who owned or visited the castle), and much, much more…
  • After visiting the castle, I will take you to the European Bison Farm located in a picturesque historical park situated nearby. During the visit, you will not only see the bisons, but also their feeding.
  • Our trip doesn’t end here 🙂 The bisons are fed, but what about us? 🙂 After we leave the bisons, our bus will take us to Żywiec – to visit one of the oldest traditional breweries on Poland, taste the beer and – of course – savour amazing local food. The bus trip will take around 40 minutes.
  • Żywiec: Żywiec Brewery Museum, Beer Tasting, and dinner with local food. The brewery: its building is a historical monument itself. It is where the brewery has been from the very beginning (when, how, etc… – you have to book a tour with me to hear the story). No less historical are the secrets held inside. Original interior kept in perfect shape, combined with perfectly attuned multimedia let you easily cross the line of time. We won’t need more than just few steps to find ourselves in the past and feel the atmosphere of this amazing historical brewery. But what would be such visit without the beer tasting? Full glasses of this wondrous beer will be served to you at the end of the tour. The glasses are original, produced by the brewery as well. For those who – for different reasons – cannot or do not want to drink alcohol, the brewery offers an alcohol-free version of the beer.
  • After visiting Żywiec Brewery, we will return to Krakow (private transport by bus will take around 2h/2h15min).

Safety rules – important!

  • No smoking in the interiors of the Castle and the Brewery
  • People suffering from light-sensitive migraine or light-sensitive epilepsy should wear dark glasses or close their eyes in the Time Tunnel at Żywiec Brewery Museum (flashing red/green/blue lights are emitted for around two minutes). I will remind you to do so.


  • Warsaw private tour – the capital of Poland
  • Malbork – one of the biggest castles in the world
  • Gdańsk – the amber city
  • Toruń – the city of Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Wrocław – Książ – the mysterious Książ Castle
  • Swidnica – the Church of Peace in Świdnica
  • Auschwitz private tour
  • Krakow private tour – the Kings city
  • Wieliczka – Salt Mine
  • Zakopane – the winter capital of Poland
  • Częstochowa – Black Madonna painting. Jasna Gora monastery
  • back to Warsaw….

2. POLAND in 7-10 DAYS 

WARSZAWA private tour – GDANSK – WROCLAW – KRAKOW private tour.  Krakow to Auschwitz private tour.  Wieliczka Salt Mine. Zakopane Tatra mountain


  • Warsaw – e.g Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko was a Polish Roman Catholic priest, who became associated with the opposition Solidarity trade union in communist Poland. He was murdered in 1984 by three agents of Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who were shortly thereafter tried and convicted of the murder.
  • Plock [Płock]
  • Torun [Toruń]
  • Lichen [Licheń]
  • Gniezno – the first Capital of Poland
  • Czestochowa
  • Krakow private tour

Krakow: John Paul II traces. Krakow called “Another Rome” tour.

From Krakow:

  • To Wadowice JPII home.
  • To Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.
  • To Divine Mercy [Łagiewniki]
  • John Paul II Sanctuary
  • To Niegowić – Karol Wojtyła, then as a vicar, held his first priesthood in it. In the church chapel there is a symbolic grave of John Paul II which is a copy of the real one in the Vatican.


  • GDANSK – Westerplatte – Malbork – Lidzbark Warminski – Wolf’s Lair
  • POZNAN – Miedzyrzecze
  • WROCLAW – Riese Complex
  • KRAKOW to Auschwitz private tour
  • WARSZAWA – Treblinka


  • Warsaw [Jewish Warsaw] – Treblinka [extermination camp]
  • from Łódź to Auschwitz private tour
  • Krakow private tour [Kazimierz district. Former Ghetto. O.Schindler’s factory]
  • Łańcut – Sandomierz
  • Lublin – Kazimierz Dolny
  • Otwock  and  back to Warsaw…

6. Lower Silesia – Castles

In Lower Silesia, you can travel to different epochs, visiting the ruins of medieval castles, baroque majestic buildings on a rock promontory or the remains of Renaissance buildings
The Czocha Castle attracts tourists with its mystery, magic and numerous secret passages and legends.
The pearl of medieval defensive architecture, that is Bolków Castle, is also captivating.
You cannot miss a visit to the fairy-tale Książ Castle in Wałbrzych with its garden terraces, a park, stately stables, a palm house and mysterious undergrounds.


Visiting Lower Silesian castles and palaces is an opportunity to travel back in time, learn about past epochs and learn valuable lessons from the past.

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