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Other cities to visit in Poland

Visit Wroclaw with a guide.
Standard sightseeing of Wroclaw. We provide private guided tours in the language of your choice. Duration is 3 hours. You will discover the most characteristic places in the city, during the tour. Wroclaw is a unique city in Poland. It stands out among Polish cities. Wroclaw’s complicated history will become closer to you, because I know how to lead through historical complexities. Make it a journey with an adventure. We will also play a game called “Find Wroclaw Dwarfs”.

  • Old Town Hall and pillory
  • Market
  • Salt square
  • St. Isabella’s church
  • The former butcher’s street – Old stalls
  • The former prison
  • University of Wroclaw
  • The Ossolineum Institute – for books lovers
  • The historic paths
  • Covered Market (a moment for you – shopping for souvenirs and more)
  • The Sand Island and bridge
  • Tumski Bridge – “Lovers’ Bridge”
  • Cathedral (admission free up to 10 people) and other churches for those interested

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