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Bochnia Salt Mine

I present the offer of Bochnia Salt Mine which is situated 60 km from Krakow City center. I know that it may seem to you that the offers of two salt mines may be too much, that you prefer well-known objects coming to Krakow for the first time and the city itself also has a lot to offer, but you never know if the offer of the Bochnia mine it will not attract people who are looking for unique attractions (tourist route with an underground boat crossing), niche, but at the same time older than the most popular objects and also inscribed on the UNESCO list. We want to offer you a specific product, which is the Tourist Route with an underground boat crossing. Which contains ? :
– before the descent, a demonstration of the work of an antique steam engine,
– exit to the mine by a mining elevator (the so-called “cage”) – it takes 16 people at one time on two levels of the elevator
– cable car travel approx. 1 km
– visiting the route enriched with multimedia exhibition (chambers: St. Kinga’s chapel, Mysiur chamber, treadmill chambers, Dobosz inter-level)
– descent to the Wazyn chamber 250 m underground (time to rest)
– crossing to a boat crossing (the crossing itself takes about 15 minutes)
– passage to the pit and exit from the mine.
For organized groups (over 15 people) the product is available with a guide in English at a price of 104 PLN / 1 person.
Duration: approx. 4 hours

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